ASSET is an Indian non-government organization (NGO), working for poor children and women in West Bengal. ASSET has been partnering with Corporate Organizations, Non-Government Organizations and
Local Communities to strengthen the capacity of deprived children and women to improve their health,nutrition, education and protection conditions. Having worked with international and national
organizations, we seek to improve our interventions in under-serviced rural and urban areas. ASSET aims at strengthening local governance processes that give marginalized and poor communities a voice
and influence national policy. ASSET adopts a human rights-based approach in the programmes, fostering partnerships for local development among community actors, service providers and elected


Guided by experienced professionals including entrepreneurs, social workers, administrative and field experts, academics and media professionals, ASSET is located in Barrackpore, Kolkata (former Calcutta),
West Bengal, India and runs operations in the states of West Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha and other parts of East and North East India.

Our Mentors

Ms. Sanju Singh, President:
Sanju Singh is a Fashion Designer and Philanthropist. She is always passionate to bring change in the society particularly for the women and children. From providing free consultancy to working for women
empowerment, Sanju has always stood for the betterment of the society. Sanju has taken several initiatives when it comes to creating awareness about the importance of education, knowledge, apart from supporting the needy and improving the overall well-being of women in every possible way.

Mr. Manit Singh, Director :
Manit Singh is an Entrepreneur and Social Activist. Having nearly 12 years of communication experience in PR, Media & Image Management including Reporting for Print & Electronic Media, Manit has been working for Child Education, Women Empowerment and Mother & Child Healthcare for many years. He is the first person to Start “Selfie with Cow” Campaign in Kolkata to create awareness about the importance of Cows on Earth, highlighting their role in the Eco-System. From organizing Football Tournament to
raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake victims, to helping the underprivileged with food, sanitizers medicine and other essentials items during COVID19, from conducting free classes on important topics
like education, hygiene, health, cleanliness and distributing reading materials and nutrition based food items to kids, to creating awareness about utilities of cow-dung & cow-urine for fertilizers, agriculture,
which eventually boosts starts-ups and employment mainly in the interior parts of the country, Manit has been taking several initiatives for the society.

Mr. Gaurav Singh, Treasurer:
Gaurav Singh is a PR professional with over 13 years experience in the Industry. Presently he is working with a leading Indian PR Firm. A cricket enthusiast, Gaurav has done his post graduation in Financial Management (Executive) from IMT Ghaziabad.

Mr. Sujoy Roy, Chief Consultant:
Sujoy Roy is a Social Worker with around 20 years of experience in the field. An honest and dedicated worker in all social and professional commitments, Sujoy has left no stone unturned to bring change in
the society. He works 24/7 for the improvement of mother and child healthcare.

Mr. Saurav Singh: Operations Head:
Saurav Singh is an Event Manager. With around 10 years of experience in working as an Event Organizer, Saurav has worked in different cities of the country. From Coordinating to Organizing events based on
Social Causes, Saurav has worked on ground zero.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh, Planning Head:
Manoj Kumar Singh is an Entrepreneur and Marketing Professional with over 15 years experience in the Industry. He is an owner of a leading Consultant Firm. A news junkie, Manoj has a vast experience of working with leading firms from across the world which wants to bring change in the society with employment and empowerment.

Mr. Manish Singh, Admin Head:
Manish Singh has around 10 years of experience of working in Administrative and Communication Departments for various Organizations. He has always been passionate about finding smart ways to help the poor. His vision is to make world poverty free.