ASSET’s aim is to empower, support and guide poor people, women and children, and enable them to
take control of their lives and be a part of the social mainstream and development. ASSET’s focus is to
create awareness about the importance of education, health, hygiene, nutrition, and overall well-being of
the society mainly women and children and support the needy in every possible way. ASSET aims to
break the vicious cycle of poverty, ill-health, illiteracy, malnutrition, abuse and violence.


Some of the important sectors where ASSET is working and aims to work more dedicatedly in future are
Education, Women Empowerment, Child Education, Women & Child Heath, Environment, Eco-System
which includes the following:
 To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage educational institutes, libraries for the
benefit of the public;

 To protect the environment from illegal cutting of trees in both rural as well as urban areas. To
make the society pollution free and maintain the ecological balance. Maintain the green scenario in
the locality, and ensure free breathing in both rural and urban areas;

 To provide and support health, nutrition, education and protection to the unprivileged community
amongst the rural and urban areas;

 To distribute reading materials to support education at grass-root level and nutrition based food
among kids to boost immunity system;

 For the upliftment and welfare of all urban and rural masses and also support their social, health
and educational development and thereby give them an opportunity to integrate themselves with
the modern social mainstream;

 To provide adequate knowledge and also spread education amongst the rural and urban mass for
getting pure drinking water (Arsenic Free);

 Protect the interest of the Child Labours who are mostly engaged in unauthorized sectors due to
their ignorance and poverty, including lack of proper education both at the primary and also
higher level;

 Conducting regular classes through formal and also non-formal and other alternative methods of
teaching either on its own or in collaboration with the Government or non – Government

 To provide an opportunity to the youth who are economically poor and backward for their
prosecution of studies in academic or technical career, also helping them with livelihoods and
scope who work at the grass root level;

 To organize Sports, Games and Drawing competition & Cultural Programme for child recreation
and talent searching in every possible way;

 To import and develop social awareness among the illiterate women and men by organizing
awareness camps from time to time;

 To arrange and organize dead body carried for free rendering service to help the needy people of
the society;

 To create awareness about the utilities of cow dung, cow urine and cow milk, biogas, fertilizers
and organic products with focus on environment, livelihood & empowerment;

 To create awareness about the importance of sanitization, hygiene, cleanliness and other
initiatives, helping in fighting diseases and maintaining good healthcare of the society;

 To focus on Women Empowerment and felicitate the Women Achievers of the Society. The women
achievers, irrespective of their jobs, would be given a felicitation for creating a niche of their own
in today’s male dominated society along with Motivational Sessions about the Journey of those
and other Achievers for the society;